Midwest Urethane VaporSeal

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Responding to the industries' call and need we have researched and developed a tough and highly durable floating roof tank secondary seal called... VaporSeal!

Our VaporSeal is the simplest, most economical solution for minimizing product loss through evaporation.

Combining modern technology with highly resilient polyurethane compounds, VaporSeal is today's answer for tomorrow's standards.

This is a typical VaporSeal application

Maximum sealing reliability wasn't an accident, it was one of the objectives when designing the VaporSeal. However, our engineers realized, too, that the overall design must be kept simple for practical, easy installation, product economy, and minimal maintenance.

The solution was a combination of modern manufacturing techniques with the highly flexible and resilient properties of polyurethane. The resulting product, VaporSeal, met our criteria to the letter.

VaporSeal is weather and abrasion resistant polyurethane

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